Tutors at Tontozona Camp

campCamelback High School’s lead tutors and mentors took a magnificent 3-day trip to Tontozona camp to find out how to become better tutors. Our objective was to organize and plan for the 2014-2015 tutoring school year. We also planned on forming bonds between the lead tutors and mentors so our communications can improve to be at use within ourselves throughout this year’s tutoring sessions. A couple of dedicated counselors and teachers at Camelback High School joined us in this amazing trip. They helped organize and execute both the tutors and their newly achieved mentality along with the trip itself. Because of them, we are now much stronger tutors for the future tutees.

20140823_161409At Retreat at Tontozona, we were immediately greeted with all the nice people and staff of the camp. It felt pleasing to know we were welcome to a new environment where we will be spending our weekend. We all were very comfortable and were enjoying the nature surrounding us. Our cabins were really nice; they had a full living room, a television set, and a kitchen, and nobody had any problems with the rooms and food.

We were handed out schedules of our days at camp and we started to get into new groups of tutors for a new year of tutoring. It was a great opportunity to meet new tutors from our school in our groups. With these groups we started to do fun activities to get to know each other. Then with these groups we attended seminars to reflect on what we can do to improve our school’s tutoring system. We wrote down ideas and shared them with our group and other groups.

We were also introduced to some new technology and skills to better serve our future tutees. We attended an iPad seminar to learn how to use iPad and helpful applications on the iPad, to enhance our teaching abilities. All the lead tutors have their iPad, and it is a great way of communication and teaching.

It was relaxing to be out in Tontozona, so all of our tutors and mentors took the time to both relax and focus on next year’s objectives. Our activities were from making delicious smores and enjoying other meals at Tontozona, to intense matches of gaga ball. It’s safe to say that everyone had a great time in Retreat at Tontozona. We spent hours doing fun and amazing activities in Tontozona on how to become better leaders and tutors, and on organizing a successful year of Camelback High School tutoring sessions.

Where do students go if they have been long term suspended at CB?

  1. Bostrom High School, part of the Phoenix Union High School District 

    From their website:

    Bostrom’s mission is to offer a non-traditional student-centered experience. This experience, built upon high expectations, will provide a supportive and collaborative atmosphere in which students learn the skills to succeed in college, career and life. 

    Since 1976, Bostrom has provided opportunities for students to find success in a small school environment that focuses on academic achievement in reading, writing, and math as well as helping students develop appropriate social and interpersonal skills. Bostrom is structured and disciplined, with a concentrated focus on academic success. We have outstanding staff members who care, and who hold each student (and parent) accountable for his/her education. Bostrom is available to 10th, 11th and 12th graders who reside in the Phoenix Union High School District. Instruction is delivered in six-week sessions in which students concentrate on two block classes at a time. Regular and Special Education students may take classes in Math, English, Social Studies, Science and some elective classes. Students that are eligible may attend Evening School. Students are selected for admission based on an application and interview process and parents must attend a mandatory orientation.


  1. Desiderata Program- part of the Phoenix Union High School District

    From their website:

    Max Ehrmann’s Poem “Desiderata” (latin for “desired things”) is a prose poem that has an positive message, and was used as the moniker for a unique alternative program that has served Phoenix Union High School District since 1977.Desiderata Alternative Program serves special education students who have needs that are more effectively addressed in a small school environment. Students are referred to Desiderata by their home school campuses. The Desiderata program emphasizes academic achievements and helps to support the social, emotional and behavioral development and growth of students. All students are taught district approved curriculum that meets Arizona Common Core Standards and content specific Arizona Academic Standards. Classroom activities stress student acquisition of literacy skills.Desiderata Alternative Program is housed in a 30,000-square foot facility near 35th Avenue and Thomas and was opened in 2006. The campus is designed to be functional and supportive: there are 11 classrooms, library, fitness center, sports court, cafetorium, group therapy room, instructional kitchen, and assistive technology support.


  1. Suns-Diamondbacks Education Academy


    From their website:Suns-Diamondbacks Education Academy (SDEA), in cooperation with our families and educational partners will provide quality personalized learning programs to prepare every student for success in college, career, and life.


    The Suns-Diamondbacks Education Academy (SDEA) is the only school in the nation named after two professional sports teams and is currently located at 2920 North Seventh Street in Phoenix.

    This alternative program is designed to help students complete their high school education in a small learning environment with specialized classes and schedules. Since 2001, SDEA has increased student enrollment from 30 to 250 and has graduated over 1,100 students.  Graduation ceremonies are held twice a year in December and May. Graduates are recognized at the end of every term during an awards ceremony.

    SDEA is intended for juniors and seniors who have fallen behind in their credits and will benefit from the small school environment. Students are selected for admission based on transcript, discipline, and an interview process. Students are admitted at the start of each 6-week term throughout the school year.

    The daily class schedule consists of two 145 minute classes. Regular classes are offered in Math, English, Social Studies, Business and Technology, Science, Health, as well as a limited selection of electives. Minimum assistance and resources are offered to our special education students. Students will also have the opportunity to earn extra credits by enrolling in a third period online credit-recovery class as part of their schedule. 

    SDEA will relocate to a new state-of-the-art facility on Central Avenue starting the 2015-2016 school year and will accommodate up to 400 students.