In 2013, 10 graduating seniors received “gap” scholarships from a group of donors. The purpose of these scholarships is to fill in the “gap” (i.e. shortfall) between the total cost of attendance at the college the recipient has selected and the scholarships and other funds available to that student.

In 2014, this group of donors established the Camelback High School Scholarship Fund at the Arizona Community Foundation as a conduit for donations for the 2014 and future years’ Gap Scholarships.

During the school years of 2014-7, donors contributed over $50,000 annually to this fund which supported 15 gap scholarships each year.

Gap Scholarships for CBHS Graduates

The Gap Scholarships to Camelback High School graduating seniors are provided on a competitive basis in a three step process:

  1. Each applicant fills out an online application at the Arizona Community Foundation. Their application information is matched with the criteria for selection for gap scholarships from the Camelback High School Scholarship Fund.
  2. Then the information about the applicants who meet the criteria established by the Camelback High School Scholarship Fund is provided on-line by the Arizona Community Foundation to the Camelback High School Scholarship Fund’s Advisory Group members who use an on-line process to score each applicant.
  3. Those applicants with the highest on line scores from the Advisory Group members are interviewed by the Advisory Group which determines which applicants will receive the available funds from the fund that year.

Congratulations to the 2018 Camelback High School DECA team. They are advancing to the national DECA competition in Atlanta to present their paper, The GAP Scholarship (.pdf)