Hi Bruce and Happy New Year!

The website is looking great and thanks for including me in the launch. It’s exciting to see Chad’s vision along with SVP’s partnership continue to evolve.

I am proud of the Fashion Club and now the Career and Technical Education class Fashion Design and Merchandising 1-2 that has come into existence because of connections made with SVP and a principal willing to listen and take a chance on a teacher getting certified in a new area because of talent witnessed in an afternoon club setting that could lead students to numerous career opportunities in the future.

We began three years ago with donations of material and magazines from sources that Maurine Karabatsos knew about. From there she connected me with numerous members of the community who had talents in interior design, clothing construction and also wanted to mentor our amazing students! Most of them are connected to SVP in some way.

This is the short version of the story. Carol Clemency of SVP has also been at my side every step of the way and continues to support the students and me with her generosity and more importantly her time as the club and class progress.

I hope to meet you in person very soon.