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Thank you for your support with a financial donation!

Donors can direct their tax deductible contributions to either our scholarship fund at the Arizona Community Foundation (“ACF”) or to the Camelback High School Alumni Association, which is a 501c3 charity.

To contribute to the Camelback High School Scholarship fund

Make the check out to the Arizona Community Foundation as payee.

Mail your check to:

The Arizona Community Foundation
2201 E. Camelback Rd.  Suite 405B
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Attention: Lorenzo Chavez

Put this in the memo section of the check: Camelback High School Scholarship Fund

To donate directly to the Camelback High School Alumni Association

Make the check out to the Camelback High School Alumni Association as payee.

Mail your check to:

Lincoln Combs
Osteen & Harrison Plc
300 W Clarendon Ave Ste 400
Phoenix, AZ 85013-3424


your donations are direct benefits

Our community network is a “virtual” non-profit in that it has no official existence as an entity and it has no overhead or staff.

Virtually 100% of all donors’ financial contributions go directly to benefit the students and the school staff. (The only expense is the small ACF annual fee for handling the scholarship fund.)

“We are seeing some strong outcomes…We want to show what a strong system looks like to turn around schools.”

Terri Wogan, Social Venture Partners Arizona executive director

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This website is a case study of a school transformation experience. The conclusion so far is that schools can benefit greatly from the time, talent and treasure of those in the local community.

Can the student outcome improvements generated at Camelback High School can be sustained and replicated? Or were the improvements only due to a unique synergy among this particular group of highly-motivated students, teachers, community leaders and an uninhibited principal?

Let's discuss.

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For inquiries about the Success is Mandatory program case study, Camelback High School or the Phoenix District, please email Kellie Burris: