This post is submitted by Maria Abrams and Julia Bourdo.

Biggest DECA Win EverOn Monday, March 2 & Tuesday, March 3 our 46  Camelback Marketing and Entrepreneurship students competed with over 2000 students throughout the state at DECA State Career Development Conference. Nineteen of our amazing  students came home with a big win and are heading to Orlando, Florida on April  24-29 to the International Career Development Conference with 27,000 students from around the world.

All students won in areas of written events, research, and presentation to businessmen and women.  Our students spent hours outside of the school day to complete these projects in the evenings, weekends, and holidays.  Please join us in congratulating the following students:

  • Angelina Luangphone– Entrepreneurship 11 page written event
  • Jessica Ulloa & Alejandra Lugo–  5 page Innovation Project
  • Katherine Hill- 5 page innovation Project
  • Taciara Vega & Evelyn Vazquez– 30 page Entrepreneurship Project
  • Gilbert Lopez, Alejandro & Fernando Mata– 30 page Entrepreneurship Project
  • Miriam Ornelas, Julia Ortiz, and Miguel Palamares– 30 page Growing your Business
  • Juan Aguilar, Roberto Garcia, & Leslie Cisneros-30 page Sports and Entertainment Research Project
  • Ana Craft & Vanessa Castandea-30 page Hospitality and Tourism Research Project
  • Veronica Meza & Cecilia Mendez– 30 page Business Operation Research Project
Please congratulate these students!
Best, Maria Abrams & Julia Bourdo