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Camelback Today

Camelback Montessori College Preparatory

Visit the Camelback Montessori College Preparatory website to learn what is happening at this successful school within a school.


When Elena Alsen arrived in Phoenix, AZ as a refugee from Ethiopia, she couldn’t speak English. Now, she’s an award-winning businesswoman who’s headed to Arizona State University for college. Her teachers, Mrs. Abrams & Mrs. Bourdo-Lichty trained as part of the Verizon Innovative Learning for design thinkers program on how to bring entrepreneurship, design thinking and STEM skills into the classroom. With these opportunities Elena received a full scholarship to ASU and has the skills and confidence to pursue her passion for starting her own business helping fellow refugees.

Five seniors from Camelback High School in Phoenix, AZ, prove that “even students from poorer backgrounds can accomplish amazing things.” Thanks to their teachers, Mrs. Abrams & Mrs. Bourdo-Lichty who were trained as part of Verizon Innovative Learning to bring entrepreneurship, design thinking and STEM skills into the classroom, these high school seniors gained the skills and confidence needed to win spots at a prestigious DECA-International Career & Development Conference/Competition and secure scholarships. This fall, they will be the first people in their families to attend college.

Camelback High School Dance Department

The Camelback High School dance classes have been transformed into a Dance Program with multiple levels, tremendous creativity, high expectations, energy, drive and spunk.

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View some of the work of the TV Media Club under the guidance of Mr. Bob Dudley and Kevin Hayward. The show was called CamelbackNOW and was a biweekly news show featuring news, information, and the faces of Camelback High School.