This post is an update from Julie Bourdo.

My son went to Vincent’s with his YPO group and Central High School Students on Tuesday. He was so moved and inspired by the students and their personal stories. Thank you for doing what you do. Scott said he just wanted to take out his checkbook. I told him that Central HS was not his school of choice if that checkbook is coming out. He shared last night with me that he now understands why I do what I do and work so hard for these kiddos. I am not sure if you realized how many lives that you have changed, but thank you for changing my son’s life. Your idea of sharing with our urban high school students really has made such a difference.

Franklin was here today working with Brian and gave him a laptop computer to work on his research report. This one on one with Franklin is changing his life. He told me today he has never felt so cared for in his entire life. Wow…this is so unbelievable and I get to see my students and my own child’s life change.

Words cannot tell you what you have done for me and ALL of my children.


Julie Bourdo