Download the Coding Academy flyer here (.pdf)

A unique high school is coming for the 2016-17 school year –

The Phoenix Coding Academy is Phoenix Union’s newest specialty small school, focusing on computer coding and technological skills.

Developed by tech-savvy educators and industry experts and housed in a brand-new high-tech facility, students will prepare for college and future careers learning software development, including game design, web and app development, networking, information security, IT support, automation and robotics and other STEM concepts in a student-centered, inquiry-based environment.

With hands-on learning with a one-to-one laptop to student ratio, and a Maker Lab featuring 3-D printers, programmable circuit boards, manufacturing mills, soldering stations and other industry-related equipment, Phoenix Coding Academy students will solve problems and innovate with tomorrow’s tools.

Students will receive a full high school curricula of core classes, electives, world languages, Career and Technical Education (CTE) offerings, online courses and foundational computer science. Technology will integrate the coursework, and coding integration will grow with experience. Partnerships with the tech industry will facilitate guest instructors, field trips, internships and career pathways. Connecting with partner elementary districts will further develop computer science and coding education so that future students will be prepared for Phoenix Coding Academy.

The Phoenix Coding Academy’s inquiry-based instructional model values student curiosity, collaboration, critical thinking, innovation, engagement and relevance.

Extracurricular activities and clubs will be available, including robotics and other academic competition, such as coding contests. The arts, English as a Second Language (ESL) and Exceptional Student Services (ESS) will be provided.

Phoenix Coding Academy will begin with a freshman class of approximately 100 students and grow to a school of 400 as additional classes are added. To meet the diversity needs of the high tech industry, enrollment will be reflective of the Phoenix Union community.

– Enrollment begins November 7 –

Selection will be based on an application and interview process.

For more information, visit, or call 602-764-1314.

Download the Coding Academy flyer here (.pdf)