We are currently wrapping up a very successful transition of leadership at Camelback High School. For the past two months, we have worked hard as a team and community to welcome and onboard Dr. Quintin Boyce. Since that time, Dr. Boyce has had an opportunity to meet with students, staff, parents, and business partners. We have held multiple meetings and “retreats” with the admin team as a whole as well as with individual members of the admin team. Dr. Boyce is well versed in the mission, vision, and aligned initiatives at Camelback.

Dr. Boyce comes to Camelback from Bioscience High School where he has spent the last three years as principal. He shares very similar beliefs, philosophies, and approaches to educating our youth. He puts student growth and development ahead of standardized test scores. He believes school’s are responsible for developing critical thinkers and productive citizens.

Throughout the fall, Dr. Boyce will continue to meet with various stakeholders in an attempt to fully understand the culture and the initiatives at Camelback. In time, Dr. Boyce will begin to put his footprint on the community and take Camelback to the next level!

– Chad Gestson