campCamelback High School’s lead tutors and mentors took a magnificent 3-day trip to Tontozona camp to find out how to become better tutors. Our objective was to organize and plan for the 2014-2015 tutoring school year. We also planned on forming bonds between the lead tutors and mentors so our communications can improve to be at use within ourselves throughout this year’s tutoring sessions. A couple of dedicated counselors and teachers at Camelback High School joined us in this amazing trip. They helped organize and execute both the tutors and their newly achieved mentality along with the trip itself. Because of them, we are now much stronger tutors for the future tutees.

20140823_161409At Retreat at Tontozona, we were immediately greeted with all the nice people and staff of the camp. It felt pleasing to know we were welcome to a new environment where we will be spending our weekend. We all were very comfortable and were enjoying the nature surrounding us. Our cabins were really nice; they had a full living room, a television set, and a kitchen, and nobody had any problems with the rooms and food.

We were handed out schedules of our days at camp and we started to get into new groups of tutors for a new year of tutoring. It was a great opportunity to meet new tutors from our school in our groups. With these groups we started to do fun activities to get to know each other. Then with these groups we attended seminars to reflect on what we can do to improve our school’s tutoring system. We wrote down ideas and shared them with our group and other groups.

We were also introduced to some new technology and skills to better serve our future tutees. We attended an iPad seminar to learn how to use iPad and helpful applications on the iPad, to enhance our teaching abilities. All the lead tutors have their iPad, and it is a great way of communication and teaching.

It was relaxing to be out in Tontozona, so all of our tutors and mentors took the time to both relax and focus on next year’s objectives. Our activities were from making delicious smores and enjoying other meals at Tontozona, to intense matches of gaga ball. It’s safe to say that everyone had a great time in Retreat at Tontozona. We spent hours doing fun and amazing activities in Tontozona on how to become better leaders and tutors, and on organizing a successful year of Camelback High School tutoring sessions.