SVPAZ and its friends involved with the Camelback High School turnaround effort have established an Advisory Committee to raise funds for gap scholarships for CBHS 2014 graduates.

These funds will be placed at the Arizona Community Foundation in the Camelback High School Scholarship Fund.

Graduating seniors at CBHS may apply for these funds via the general ACF online scholarship application.

This Advisory Group will also select which of the qualified applicants will receive gap scholarship funds via a two-step process including an online scoring of the applicants and interviews with the highest scoring applicants. The selection process is set forth in more detail below:

Definition of Target Audience/Mission Statement

  • The goal of the Camelback High School Scholarship Fund is to identify students that have the ability to enroll and succeed in a postsecondary environment but are lacking the financial aid to permit them to attend.
  • Qualities that are highly desired are: motivation to succeed (demonstrated by grades, application for schools/scholarships), persistence in times of failure or hardship.

Camelback High School Scholarship Fund

The Camelback High School Scholarship is a “last dollar” or “gap” scholarship that will help graduates attend any type of post-secondary school anywhere in the world.

General information regarding 2014 ACF Scholarships

  • Each student will complete only one online general application to apply for a gap scholarships specific to Camelback High School students and 75+ other scholarships for Arizona students.
  • Awards available for all types of schools, in state and out of state, 2 year, 4 year, vocational & technical schools, in all majors and fields of study.
  • No minimum GPA required.
  • No U.S. citizenship required.
  • First deadline is March 28th – complete your application by March 28th to apply for all the awards.
  • Spend quality time on your essay and have someone read and help you edit.
  • Confirm two references that will submit on your behalf and follow up with them to make sure they have completed the online reference request. We recommend teachers, counselors, coaches, employers or community service related references. Do not use a family member or friend.
  • If you have questions about the application or need help submitting information please email or call 602-381-1400.

Camelback High School Scholarship Proposed Criteria and Rubric:

Minimum Application Criteria:

  • Student must be graduating from at Camelback High School.
  • Student must demonstrate financial need, as determined by the FAFSA and the financial aid letter from the school/college.
  • Student must be accepted and enroll full time in the summer or fall following graduation.

Criteria for Scoring: Each rubric is customized by point value and weight as follows:

  1. Academic Ability/Success at the College level (Point range 1-5, weight = 1)
    • Does the student demonstrate the ability to succeed at the postsecondary level?
  2. Essay(Point range 1-5, weight = 2, double points for this category)
    • Does the student sufficiently answer the question and provide adequate information to the reader to justify receiving a scholarship?
  3. Motivation (Point range 1-5, weight = 1)
    • Does the student demonstrate adequate motivation to succeed?
  4. References (Point range 1-5, weight = 1)
    • Do the references submitted support the student’s desire to advance to college?

Additional Criteria to consider at the time of Interview:

Financial Need

a. Does the student demonstrate need? (ACF will guide on this and provide hard numbers to consider);

b. Does the need fit the award level appropriate for this award? (Only pertinent if there is a cap set.);

c. Will this student be able to attend college without this support?

Interview qualities

a. Does the student exhibit strong motivation to receive this award?

b. Did the student apply for other scholarships?

c. Does the student represent the target audience for this award?

Camelback High School Gap Scholarship timeline:

  • April 25th, 2014 – Student Application Deadline
  • May 2st – May 12th, 2014 – Application Review Online – Committee members notified by email by ACF
  • May 12th at 10:00am – Reviews complete, scores submitted by committee members, ACF staff will compile results and share with committee chair (Chad Gestson)
  • May 12th-May 14th, 2014 – Students will be scheduled/confirmed for interviews
  • May 15th, 2014 1pm-4pm – Interviews @ Camelback HS
  • May 16th, 2014 – Award notifications made by phone/email to students